1st Daily Prompt: Struggle

Right…so hello everyone! Finally, a week or so later than promised, I’ve finally come around to posting a “Daily Prompt”. For right now, my goal is to right a post daily for a week. I know this sounds like a little and not challenging enough, but to me, if I make it, it’ll be quite a feat. I just procrastinate so much, that nothing ever gets done. Anyways, on to the actual post:

Recently (or for the last few months), I’ve found myself in a massive book slump. It’s not fun. Mostly I just can’t seem to get myself to sit down and focus on reading. Currently, I’m reading 1984 by George Orwell, and I’m really enjoying it when I actually find the time to sit down and read. The problem is just actually physically sitting  down and reading. I just can’t get down to it. It’s beyond frustrating. At least I’m listening to audio books and getting some reading done. Another thing, is that when I actually read during the day, it happens when it’s dark outside and that’s not very convenient. During school, the only time I had time to read was at night so I seem to have formed a habit of only reading when the sun has set outside and it’s really frustrating. I’ll find a way out of it, soon. I hope. This is a big struggle for me, as I love reading and the feel of it, but right now I can’t seem to focus on what I’m reading. I also don’t want to force myself to sit down and read either, because then it won’t be enjoyable. The struggle.

That was the first Daily Prompt. Sorry it’s a little short today, hopefully over the next weeks I’ll get into a rhythm and things will flow more smoothly. Thanks for reading!

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