Let’s Talk about Companion Novels! Daily Prompt

I’ve got to say, before today I haven’t really given much though to companion novels. If they’re something interesting, I usually read them. For instance, the Anna and the French Kiss series is three companion novels. And while I haven’t read all three (I still need to read Isla and the Happily Ever After) I did really enjoy Lola and the Boy Next Door, even though it wasn’t as good as the first. To me, it usually depends on how good I thought the first book was. Companion novels are not usual my favorite, actually. Mainly, because I get so attached to the first group of characters in the first novel, that seeming them as secondary characters annoys me.









What do you guys think? Series or companion novels?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Companion Novels! Daily Prompt

  1. Hannah @ Ninjas Read Too says:

    AGREED! I get attached to characters, ans then when I found out that they won;t be making a return I get really sad 😦 Of course, if I really liked the universe, I would go back to it. I always pray for a mini cameo or some sort of reference to past characters though XD


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