Series I’m Dying To Finish

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be talking about the book series I need to finish but somehow haven’t gotten around to it. These are all the fabulous series I’ve started but haven’t read more of, even though they’re amazing. And if this post doesn’t show it, I’ll just going to say that: I’m bad at binge reading a series. It takes me a really long time to finish a series even if its absolutely fantastic.

  1. The Redumqxjlfoedq7lj67v7w0 Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown: I remember reading this a while back and really loving the first book, and I don’t know why I haven’t picked up Golden Sun. My excuse has been that it isn’t out in paperback…except that it is so that excuse is not even valid. I’ll get on it soon, I promise.
  2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marrissa Meyer: I read Cinder last year and absolutely loved it, and thefavelunarn I read Scarlet and didn’t really like it. So, I put off reading Cress for the longest time but I am finally getting on to it. I’m currently listening to the Cress audiobook and while it isn’t as good as Cinder, I’m still enjoying it immensely and can’t wait to read Winter.





the-raven-cycle3. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater: I read the first book and loved it, and then I was halfway through the second book but had to return it to the library and the waitlist for this book is really long. Needless to say, I was very annoyed that I didn’t get this book finished in time, but no worries I’m on it. Can’t wait to finish this series because it is amazing.

the-wrath-and-the-dawn4. The Wrath and the Dawn duology by Renee Adhieh: I loved the first book, and just haven’t gotten around to the second one yet. (Sidenote: Both of these covers are absolutely beautiful).




tumblr_o7n3n88xww1vnqacfo1_12805. The Shades of Magic Trilogy by V. E. Schwab: So technically, this series isn’t complete yet–the third book comes out next year–but I can’t wait to read the next installments. A Gathering of Shadows is definitely at the top of my tbr list right now and hopefully I’ll get to it in the next month or so.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading. Any books series you love but haven’t had time to finish?


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