Blog Tour: Wicked Truths by Michelle Areaux


The first book is called Wicked Cries. Here’s a synopsis of what it is about:

For 16-year-old Sadie Sanders, dealing with the dead is growing tiresome, especially when they expect her to play messenger to the afterlife. Her constant struggle to mend teenage broken relationships and translate last wishes seemed to be her biggest problem.
Up until recently, Sadie had been able to juggle her double life without anyone detecting she was not only an average high school student, but a messenger to the dead as well. Even after a close call at the local teen night club, Sadie was able to keep her secret hidden. But when her father decided to move her family clear across the country from sunny Los Angeles, California to gloomy Salem, Massachusetts, Sadie wondered if the move would be the fresh new start she needed to leave her old, wicked life behind and become a normal high school girl.
Only Sadie was wrong, dead wrong. Once in Salem, Sadie finds a hidden journal from Elizabeth, a once persecuted witch who documented the last few days of her terrifying life. Desperately wanting to push the journal aside and begin her new life, Sadie finds herself haunted by Elizabeth, but this time is different.
Elizabeth desperately needs Sadie’s help to clear her name, but one man attempts to destroy Sadie’s journey to uncovering Elizabeth’s truth.
Sadie’s only goal, to make it through high school without another deadly adventure.
She may be in for a rude awaking her senior year.

I don’t know about you, but this book sounds so intriguing. I love that not only do we have a protagonist who talks to the dead, but is set in Salem, Massachusetts. I love researching the Salem Witch trials and what happened there and what went through the heads of the girls who were persecuted. I especially like the idea that Sadie is reading the diary of Elizabeth, who really was a “witch” persecuted during the Salem Witch Trials.

You can purchase the first book for $15 as a paperback at Barne’s and Noble here (the sequels, Wicked Lies and Wicked Truths are also available).

The Morris Book Shop 

The books can also be purchased on Amazon here 

The third book in the series, Wicked Truths came out September 25.


Death seems to follow seventeen year old Sadie Sanders everywhere she goes–literally. As a mediator to the dead, she must constantly face fighting demons and the occasional angry dead girl.

After a dangerous and almost deadly first year in Salem, Sadie’s parents decided to send her away for the summer to visit her Aunt Morgan in the small town of Nicholasville, Kentucky. After uncovering a murder hidden for centuries, she embarked on a deadly mission to solve the crime while trying to enjoy her summer vacation.

Now back in Salem, Sadie has found another hidden secret in the wicked town. Secret underground tunnels are hidden under the streets of Salem, beckoning to those with wicked souls. When Sadie encounters a ghost named Laura roaming the streets of Salem, she and her friends Noah and Lucy must uncover the clues leading to Laura’s death, which is made even more complicated by the fact that Laura has no memory about her life or death. To make matters worse, Sadie must also track down the person who has been sending her threatening messages in an effort to stop her mission for justice.

In Wicked Truths, the third instalment of the Wicked Cries series, Sadie learns that some secrets are meant to stay dead, for the truth, once it has been uncovered, may be wickeder than she could have ever imagined.

You can check the author, Michelle Areaux, out on her Facebook page

Here is an excerpt from the third volume of the series:

Chapter 1

I knew the moment he walked through the door, he wouldn’t leave unless I gave him my soul. His ice cold, blue eyes watched me intently, as he took note of our surroundings. His smug grin showed he had me right where he wanted me. He clenched his hands at his sides, proving himself a natural predator who found his prey. For a brief moment, my natural instincts to react took hold of me. Should I freeze and pray he didn’t spot me? Should I run and hope to get away before he could catch me? Or should I stay and fight, proving to him and myself that I was much stronger than he?


Michelle Areaux is the author of the Wicked Cries series. Her love for literature began at an early age and flourished over the years into a passion. Currently, she resides in Nicholasville, KY with her husband Anthony, and sons Connor and Cooper.

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post! Be sure to check this series out. All books are out now!

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