My Dream Loot Crate

First off, more than two posts a week? Who am I?  Anyway, the lovely team at Loot Crate, a monthly geekish subscription box, is looking for people to talk about what they would do if they could put together their own dream crate. When I was asked if I’d be interested in creating something I immediately said yes.

My dream box would be a diversity crate.

I think it is really necessary in today’s society to include minorities and explore diversity in the media. So, in my dream crate, I would include books, movies, and merch that is focused on supporting diversity. For instance, every month would be a different genre such as action, thriller, romantic comedy, or anything like that. However, instead of including mainstream titles in the box, the box would include new releases of the month that are diverse, whether it be in race, gender, or sexualities. The point is just to spread diversity and recognition.

For example, the January box could contain books that are going to be released in the month of January, following the theme, and include some merch relating to the product. 29995905For instance, if the theme were murder mystery/thriller, a great example would be the book City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson, which follows the story of a girl who fled the Congo with her mother and came to Kenya seeking refuge. It’s said to be very fast paced and thrilling. It features a strong female character who also happens to be African and it is set in Africa, something we don’t see very often. Fitting the theme, the book comes out January 24, so it is a new release. Along with that, the box could contain items that fit the theme, in this example the theme is murder mystery/thriller such as a notebook pertaining to mystery, or a t-shirt of another diverse tv-show or movie. All of this would help raise awareness and bring more people to the need for diversity in the media and books.

Again, a huge thank you to the team at Loot Crate for giving me this opportunity to talk about my dream crate. Thanks for reading!

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