July Books


Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson: This took me a while to finish. The beginning was really interesting but towards the end, I found myself getting bored. It wasn’t really that suspenseful since we found out who the killer was quite quickly.



Lady img_0299Midnight by Cassandra Clare: So after a year of having this book, I finally got around to it and wow. I went into this a little cautiously because I knew I’d love it (I mean it’s Cassandra Clare how could I not) but there was a small part of me that worried that I might not. I was worried I wouldn’t like the characters, that they wouldn’t be the same as the others. Thankfully, all my initial worries were completely unfounded. I loved Emma and Julian, and his siblings. I loved that it was set in L.A. I honestly should have made a review on this book when I had the chance because I had so many thoughts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book immensely and will try and get to Lord of Shadows as soon as possible.



I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak: I needed a pick-me up after finishing Lady Midnight so I decided to re read this one. Everyone knows how I feel about this book. Moving on.






The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood: In short, this book tripped me up and seriously got me thinking. I actually reviewed this one here.






Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: So, as usual, I’ve had this book for over a year and have wanted to read it for ages but I never really felt in the mood. I’ve seriously been missing out. This book is amazing. The characters were so beautifully fleshed out and unique. I love it so much. I never thought I’d love this book as much I did, but I do and now honestly I can’t stop thinking about it. I finished the conclusion yesterday and I’ve just been in this haze. Do yourself a favor and read it.


That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed and tell me in the comments if you read any of these books or if you read anything interesting this past month!

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